Rapco Media Distribution system box

Mult box: Mapco Media Distribution System


The MDS media distribution system is perfect for press conferences/feed applications or any situation requiring a single mic signal to be “split” multiple times.  Its features include a rugged steel box, paralleled XLR female, XLR male, and 1/4 inch TRS inputs for balanced or unbalanced line level signals.  Outputs are discrete isolated XLR males paralleled to 1/4 inch TRS.  Channels 1 and 2 also have 3.5mm stereo outputs.  Due to the D.C. blocking characteristics of a transformer, the isolated outputs will not pass phantom power.  The connectors are also recessed to resist damage.  “Loop” multiple boxes for a total of up to 24 channels.

Model number: MDS-108

  • Inputs: XLR female, TRS 1/4″ female
  • Loop: XLR male to other MDS boxes (up to 24 ch)
  • Outputs: XLR male; 1/4″ TRS; 3.5mm TRS per channel

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