4 Row “Elite Seat” low rise indoor & outdoor bleacher (shipped or delivered)

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4 row bleachers with rollers
4 row bleachers with rollers.

Bil-Jax Elite Seat Four-Tier Portable Bleachers offer durable, safe seating for schools, playgrounds and sporting events. Bring your spectators together on these portable bleachers, made from sturdy aluminum with a heavy-duty steel understructure. Low enough to the ground that guardrails are not necessary, making them perfect a quick economical installation. For indoor or outdoor use. Casters are available and allow your bleachers to be tilted backwards and easily moved. This unit seats 24 people and meets all UBC, BOCA and NFPA seating codes.

  • Can be assembled on site.
  • Bleachers can be palletized and shipped
  • Low Profile
  • Seats 24
  • Steel understructure with aluminum seats and floorboards
  • 9′ long
  • Exempt from guardrail rules
  • weight: 210 pounds

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Shipping Information
Our “elite seat” bleachers can be broken down, palletized and shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States. Assembly time for each bleacher system is usually 20-25 minutes. Free freight shipping estimate shipping available on this item