Rent an 8 oz. table top popcorn machine with cart.

8 oz. Table top or stand popcorn machine.
8 oz. Table top or stand popcorn machine.

The Econo 8 Popcorn Popper features a spun aluminum kettle, tubular heating elements, formed stainless steel kettle shell, and a twin hanger arm kettle mount. Sturdy cabinet throughout. Heavy-duty powdered coated dome.

Comes with a FREE “U-TOTE-IT” wheeled transport/display handtruck.

Comes with a FREE “U-TOTE-IT” wheeled transport/display hand truck. A 2-wheeled truck, “transport-safe” heavy-duty molded carrier.
It converts into a stand on which you can operate your popcorn popper.
This free accessory will require a late vehicle or a pickup truck to transport.


Download: Operating Instructions (PDF)

Rent our 8 oz. Popcorn machine:

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Customers Also RentedOperating Instructions
Be sure equipment is connected to properly grounded 120 volt power supply with 15 amp circuit. (230 volts for export models)
1. Turn on two switches.
FOR 1911 ORIGINAL AND 1911 BLACK & CHROME POPPER: LIGHT (inside cabinet, top left) and KETTLE/MOTOR (next to light switch).
2. Allow kettle to warm for approximately 5 minutes.
3. BULK SUPPLIES: Place one measure of oil in kettle (1/3 cup). Immediately add one measure of raw
popcorn (8 oz.) plus seasoning salt. Pull lid closed to prevent stray kernels. (Lid is held in place by magnet directly above the kettle.)
PORTION PACKS: Cut off top of plastic pack. Dump entire contents in kettle. Pull lid closed to prevent stray kernels.
4. While corn is popping, keep front operator doors slightly ajar to prevent fogging. Keep hopper door at “out” position to aid in catching stray popcorn.
5. Allow corn to pop until popping ceases, usually when 3-4 seconds lapse between pops. Then pour remaining popped corn from kettle by rotating handle clockwise 1/3 turn and pulling downward.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for additional batches.
7. Turn KETTLE switch to OFF position when finished preparing popcorn; POWER or LIGHT switch may
remain ON to display and heat popcorn.
KETTLE WILL BE HOT! Please be sure to avoid direct contact with the kettle during the popping process!
Kettle Care
The Paragon exclusive popcorn kettle consists of a double (two part) unit for maximum efficiency at minimum expense with low-cost maintenance.
NOTE: To avoid heavy build-up of deposits that require specialized cleaning, please follow these instructions:
1. Wipe, with soft towel or cloth, excess oil from exterior and interior of kettle as often as possible.
2. Excessive or careless use of popping oil may result in kettle damage.
3. Always be sure to turn KETTLE switch to OFF when popping is complete.
4. For heavily carbonized kettles, Paragon recommends the use of Kettle Cleaning Kit (part #1075).
Kettle Removal
1. Make sure unit is NOT connected to a power supply. UNPLUG power cord.
2. Unplug the kettle pigtail from the socket located in the chassis of the machine (ceiling).
3. Pull the clip off the hinge pin.
4. Pull the hinge pin out of the kettle hanger to free kettle.
5. TO INSTALL: Reverse steps 1-4.
Popcorn machine rental with tote/stand.
Popcorn machine rental with tote/stand.