Live show, dance and DJ-equipment accessories

DJ Accessories

Customers who rented DJ Accessories also rented:

Audio Equipment
Dance Lighting: we have a huge selection of dance lighting!
Dance Floors


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Audio Equipment Daily Price 3 Day Price
amp-450w-speakers-amp-cables-CD-players-icon Take a look at our audio equipment rental $124.95 Call
Foam Cannons Daily Price 3 Day Price
foam-party-cannon-generator Party Foam Cannon $500 Call
Bubble Machines Daily Price 3 Day Price
mbt-bubble-machine MTB’s Bubble Machine Call Call
Motorized Effects Dance Lights Daily Price 3 Day Price
hallucination-light-rental Hallucination Light $29 Call
kaleido-light-rental Kaleido Light $29 Call
mbt-king-tut-light-rental King Tut Light $29 Call
mania-ef3-light-rental Martin Mania EF3 Light $29 Call
mbt-moon-bug-light-rental Moon Bug Light $29 Call
wild-tech-orbiter-rental Orbiter Light $29 Call
mbt-green-laserbot-light-rental Green Laserbot Light $19 Call
mbt-soldier-light-rental  Soldier Light $29 Call
mbt-warrior-light-rental Warrior Light $29 Call
mbt-enticer-light-rental Enticer Light $19 Call
mbt-triple-rascal-light-rental Triple Rascal Light $19 Call
mbt-twin-wheel-light-rental Twin Wheel Light $19 Call