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40' x 60' Hybrid tent for rent

40ft. x 60ft. Hybrid Tent Rental

Our stunning and sturdy 40′ x 60′ aluminum “hybrid” tent made by Aztec with a durable vinyl top. Great for wedding ceremonies and receptionscorporate events, reunions, festivals or any parties. This 2,400 square foot tent has no center poles which leaves you with a completely open floor plan so that you can fully utilize the entire area under the tent.  This event tent can be erected on grass, asphalt/pavement, or concrete. This tent is perfect for table-seated events with a guest list of 192-240 people.  Heating and/or air conditioning is possible for this tent depending on conditions. Dress up this tent with sidewalls in various styles and lighting.

Please note that delivery is calculated separately. These tents must be set up by Big Ten Rentals personnel only.

Download our 40′ x 60′ Hybrid Structure plan

Rent our 40′ x 60′ Hybrid Tent:

$1,800 Reserve this Structure

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40' x 60' hybrid tent diagram
40′ x 60′ hybrid tent diagram
40' x 60' hybrid tent stage and air conditioning
40′ x 60′ hybrid tent stage and air conditioning
Perimeter seating for 180 people under 40' x 60' tent
Perimeter seating for 180 people under 40′ x 60′ tent

Coming soon.

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