Drywall “banjo” taping machine

Drywall banjo
Drywall banjo

Wal-Board Quick Load Banjo is a Dry Tape Banjo Drywall Taping Tool. The Wallboard Drywall Banjo Taper applies drywall compound to drywall tape, and increases speed over traditional drywall hand taping. The dry tape banjo gets its name from having the roll of drywall tape separated from the wet drywall compound – keeping the roll dry, and only applies mud to the tape lead. The Wallboard drywall banjo taper is made of quality aluminum construction.

The Quick Load feature on the Banjo Taper provides fast access to the mud compartment with a single latch. The hinged door opens and re-latches quick to minimize reload times, and improve drywall taping time.

Wood top handle with side strap
Straight Blade
Adjustable mud flow

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