Event Tent Guide

Which type of tent or structure is right for your event?

Decide which event tent or structure fits your situation. Then click on that type of tent/structure to view the many sizes we offer.  All have a detailed description of each tent.

Tent TypePop-upCanopySmaller
Rope & Pole
Rope & Pole
Cost Factor
$ = (least)
$$$$$ = (most)
Available as
Okay in a tight space w/o
Can it be heated or air-conditioned?nononomaybemaybeyesyes
Stable on a windy day?nonoyesyesyesyesyes
Maybe erected w/o drilling holes in the pavement?yesnononoyesyesyes
Okay w/ an obstruction in the middle of the tent area?maybenononomaybemaybemaybe
Does it have a center pole(s)?noyesyesyesnonono
Is long-term rental available?nonoyesyesyesyesyes
Our well-trained staff will help you select the right tent. We are happy to answer your additional questions! Please call (319) 337-7368 (RENT)