Political Event Setup for Teamsters Presidential Forum on December 7, 2019

Big Ten Rentals supply the equipment for the Teamsters presidential forum hosted by Jimmy Hoffa at the veteran’s memorial coliseum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Temporary Warehouse Structures in Des Moines, Iowa | 30,500 sq ft On-Site Tent

February 4 to February 11 our crew erected four Tents totaling 30,500 ft.² in Des Moines to be used as temporary warehousing. Only one time in that week was the temperature greater than freezing. Most days with wind chill temps were in the single digits or negative. Total covered area was greater than half of football field including the end zones, and equal to more than 70% of an acre. Congratulations for a job well done Misael, CC, Bryce, Jose, Jorge, owen, Javier & Luis!

Temporary Warehouse Structure Installed:

Setup of Temporary Warehouse Structures (tent):

Bleachers for United Soccer Coaches in Mccormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

Eleven different 45′ towable bleachers with ten rows each were delivered to McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois for the 2019 United Soccer Coaches Convention. That is a total of 3,003 seats were added for this event. Each 45′ towable bleacher holds 273 people.

Bleachers delivery to Orlando, Florida from Iowa City, Iowa

Big Ten Rentals delivers two 45′ towable bleachers to Orlando, Florida all the way from Iowa City, Iowa.

This was a last minute event due to a more local rental company backing out of the contract last minute (possibly due to storms). We were able to mobilize our towable bleachers and deliver them to our client.

Brian and Tyler at a Waffle House
Brian and Tyler at a Waffle House

We left our trucks and bleachers locally and flew back to Iowa. Once the event is over several weeks from now, two of our crew members will fly back and drive home with bleachers and trucks.

Event Setup for President Donald Trump Visit in Dubuque, Iowa | Community Leaders Meeting

Our 45th President Donald J. Trump’s visit in Dubuque, Iowa for a Community Leaders Meeting. Big Ten Rentals set up this event at Northeast Iowa Community College. We set up two stages (16’x24’ and 8’x24’), Pipe & Drop and Stanchions for this event.

President Donald Trump visited community leaders in eastern Iowa in Dubuque, Iowa
President Donald Trump visited community leaders in eastern Iowa in Dubuque, Iowa

Event Setup for 2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts in Iowa

Like most big events in Iowa City, we set up this year’s Iowa City Jazz Festival by Summer of the Arts. This event included tents, stages, and much more.

2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts (pano)
2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts (pano)

Last minute Saint Patrick’s Day event tent setup at Steve’s Old Time Tap in Rock Island, IL

When we say we got a last minute phone call from Steve’s Old Time Tap in Rock Island, Illinois about a Saint Patrick’s Day tent,  we mean at 10 pm (after we were closed) on March 16th the owner of Big Ten Rentals received a text message. The weather for Saint Patrick’s Day was going to be overcast and drizzling on and off for most of the day. So we set up a 30′ x 75′ frame tent with sidewalls to help block the wind. Luckily, the Irish kind, the event was held in a concrete parking lot so we used eyebolt tent anchors and didn’t need Iowa One Call or Concrete blocks. We were able to mobilize the staff and set up this amazing event. We hope to see them again next year.

40′ x 60′ hybrid event tent setup on a Basketball court in Coralville, Iowa Residence

We set up this 40′ x 60′ Hybrid event tent with three 2′ x 2′ x 2′ blocks. Because of the ever chaning weather in Iowa they needed patio heater to take the chill out of the air at night and to keep them going we sent four 20lb propane tanks.