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40′ x 80′ Rope and Pole Event Tent at a Muscatine Campground in Iowa

Our 40′ x 80′ rope and pole tent were delivered and setup at a Muscatine Campground in Iowa. Definitely not the usual sized tent you see at a camp ground. We delivered black chairs, 60″ rounds, and set up the Edison lights under the tent. This was set up for a large class reunion.


40′ x 100′ Wedding Tent at HighPoint City Church in Iowa City, IA

40′ x 100′ rope and pole wedding tent with French Window side walls. Several 8′ banquet tables with linens, 60″ round tables with linens, and 284 white plastic folding chairs.

Block Party Setup with rope and pole event tents in Iowa City, IA

Setup of 40′ x 60′ rope and pole tent, 20′ x 40′ rope and pole tent, fifty-five 8′ banquet tables, 252 black plastic folding chairs, four 32 Gal garbage cans, bullhorn, and a Prostack audio system for this block party in Iowa City, IA

Outdoor corporate event setup for West Liberty Foods in Libertyville, Iowa

Outdoor corporate event setup with 20′ x 32′ stage, 20′ x 20′ frame tent, twenty 10′ x 10′ frame tents, two Port-a-Cool fans, 8′ x 30″ tables, black folding chairs, subflooring, misting fans, megaphone, director’s chair, garden hoses, and other items for this event in Libertyville, Iowa.

Harvest Preserve wedding with a 30′ x 45′ frame tent

Setup for a wedding at the Harvest Preserve in Iowa City. Our 30′ x 45′ frame tent is held down with 700 lb blocks/deadweight. We also delivered banquet tables, chairs, cafe lighting and other items for this adorable outdoor wedding.

30′ x 30′ frame tent at Harbor Freight Tools in Sioux City, Iowa

We had multiple crews out on June 7th setting up a total of 10 different tents for Harbor Freight Tools stores throughout Iowa. This one is located in the parking lot in Sioux City, Iowa. Side walls can be easily removed during the sales event.

Event setup for Hillary Clinton political rally at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The call to us and the actual event setup process for the average political rally is often last minute. This one was no exception. Yet we were able to assemble almost this entire event and set it up on time at the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

See pictures from the event on

Backyard party with a 20′ x 30′ rope and pole tent in Iowa City, IA

Our two-man crew was out setting up this 20′ x 30′ rope and pole tent in Iowa City, IA for a backyard party. Along with it were 8′ x 30″ tables and black chairs. Simply add people and you’ll have one big backyard party.