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Political Event Setup for Teamsters Presidential Forum on December 7, 2019

Big Ten Rentals supply the equipment for the Teamsters presidential forum hosted by Jimmy Hoffa at the veteran’s memorial coliseum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Bleachers for United Soccer Coaches in Mccormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

Eleven different 45′ towable bleachers with ten rows each were delivered to McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois for the 2019 United Soccer Coaches Convention. That is a total of 3,003 seats were added for this event. Each 45′ towable bleacher holds 273 people.

Bleachers delivery to Orlando, Florida from Iowa City, Iowa

Big Ten Rentals delivers two 45′ towable bleachers to Orlando, Florida all the way from Iowa City, Iowa.

This was a last minute event due to a more local rental company backing out of the contract last minute (possibly due to storms). We were able to mobilize our towable bleachers and deliver them to our client.

Brian and Tyler at a Waffle House
Brian and Tyler at a Waffle House

We left our trucks and bleachers locally and flew back to Iowa. Once the event is over several weeks from now, two of our crew members will fly back and drive home with bleachers and trucks.

Event Setup for 2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts in Iowa

Like most big events in Iowa City, we set up this year’s Iowa City Jazz Festival by Summer of the Arts. This event included tents, stages, and much more.

2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts (pano)
2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival | Summer of the Arts (pano)

Wedding Reception Tent 40′ x 80′ rope and pole setup in Fairfield, Iowa

40′ x 80′ rope and pole event tent with French window side walls. Under the tent, you will find an 18′ x 18′ wooden dance floor with subflooring. Also, a 10′ x 10′ pop up tent with 4 Acme weights.

40′ x 80′ Rope and Pole Event Tent at a Muscatine Campground in Iowa

Our 40′ x 80′ rope and pole tent were delivered and setup at a Muscatine Campground in Iowa. Definitely not the usual sized tent you see at a camp ground. We delivered black chairs, 60″ rounds, and set up the Edison lights under the tent. This was set up for a large class reunion.


40′ x 100′ Wedding Tent at HighPoint City Church in Iowa City, IA

40′ x 100′ rope and pole wedding tent with French Window side walls. Several 8′ banquet tables with linens, 60″ round tables with linens, and 284 white plastic folding chairs.

Bleacher Rental for Football Games in Sidney, Iowa

We delivered and set up 3 five-row bleachers and 2 45′ towable bleachers for Football Games at Sidney High School in Sidney, Iowa.

Event setup for Apple press conference for data center in Des Moines, Iowa

Event setup for Apple CEO Tim Cook’s conference announcing a data center in Waukee, Iowa.  We set up a 12′ x 16′ x 16″ high stage, a 4′ x 16′ x 16″ riser, stanchions, flags, lectern, steamer, and black plastic folding chairs.