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  • Inflatable Obstacle Course

    Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge

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    It’s a race against the clock (not to mention your opponent) in this action-packed obstacle course. Your mission? To race through the various obstacles, including a crawl tube, hop over the bar, punch downs, crawl over or under, and then up a rope ladder and down the slide. It will require skill and speed to be victorious. Are you ready? Images and video on this page are from the Pat Magrath Auto team building boot camp. See some of the past events with inflatables and team-building equipment & events.

  • Princess bounce house for rent in Iowa City, IA

    Princess Bounce House


    A lightweight and durable inflated bouncer house for that special birthday girl’s backyard birthday party. It’s easy to set up/handle and ideal for customer pick-up. The center of attention at any kids’ party!

  • Sports Bounce House Rental

    Sports Bounce House


    Rent our sports-themed inflatable bounce house for that sports-fanatic child’s birthday party. Hour of fun for any kid’s party. The colors are red, yellow, and blue.

  • Tiger belly bounce house with slide

    Tiger Belly Bounce House & Slide | Age 10 & Under


    Perfect lightweight bounce house rental for children ages 10 and under with a maximum weight of 125 lbs each. Easy to move and set up in your backyard.

    Contains a slide, but should be used dry.

  • Tropical Bounce House Rental

    Tropical Bounce House


    Rent our tropical-themed inflatable bounce house for a festive child’s birthday party. Hour of fun for any kid’s party. The colors are orange, yellow, and blue.

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