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  • Rent "Bike Rack" Crowd Control Barricade

    Crowd Control Barricade | “Bike Rack” Barricade | 8’4″ Long

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    Portable & Interlocking Barricade w/ Bridge Tube Foot. Also known as the “Steel Crowd Stopper”.

    • This type of foot allows for greater stability in windy areas.
    • Footplate design allows flexibility with turning corners.
    • Size: 8’4″ L x 43″ H
    • Weight52 lbs
  • Belt Style Stanchions

    Stanchions | Belt Style

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    • Crowd control stanchion never leans due to our patented spring-tension, Sta-Straight technology
    • QuikSecure 5-second setup and tear down requires no tools with easy, twist-and-lock assembly
    • The 7.5-foot pro retractable belt features a safety locking button and dual braking system for slow and safe belt return
    • The base is made of scratch-resistant high-density polyethylene filled with Duracast, a very high-strength concrete
  • Green temporary security fencing. Event perimeter barricade

    Temporary Security Fencing/Barricade

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    Durable fencing for safety and security.

    • Attractive, colorful fencing – ideal for upscale settings, such as Festivals.
    • Sturdy 6 ft. (height) by 10 ft. (length) fence panels. A visually appealing alternative to chain link fence.
    • Easy setup. Fencing panels are easily handled by one person.
    • Durable fencing for security. Strong, visible construction fencing protects your materials and reduces the risk of theft.
    • Durable construction can withstand years of abuse in outdoor settings.

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