It can be incredibly intimidating to try and plan even a “simple” event on your own. Something as simple as “I need a tent” can become quite complex fast! How big of a tent is enough? How many people will be at the event?  Plus how big of a tent is enough? What is the type of surface the tent is it going on? Grass, cement, asphalt, or gravel? Why is this so important? You have to plan for wind and a ballast or anchoring system becomes quite important fast.

We suggest that you call us at big ten rentals to help you guide you through your needs.

It’s not every day that you plan an event (Ok, we help do it every day). However, we have put together an event guide curtailed to your specific needs. Find the event or activity below and click on the link to help you brainstorm and plan.

From birthday parties (Child & Adult), backyard partiesmovingtailgating & Sporting events, graduationgroundbreakinghome repairsarchaeological digsfundraising, and the pictures listed to the left. 

Not everything is fun an exciting. When mother nature hits refer to our do-it-yourself flood damage rental kit for crawl spaces and basements.

Guides for School: Dance, Senior promJunior prom, and Heavy equipment are coming soon.