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Political Event Setup for Teamsters Presidential Forum on December 7, 2019

Big Ten Rentals supply the equipment for the Teamsters presidential forum hosted by Jimmy Hoffa at the veteran’s memorial coliseum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Event Setup for President Donald Trump Visit in Dubuque, Iowa | Community Leaders Meeting

Our 45th President Donald J. Trump’s visit in Dubuque, Iowa for a Community Leaders Meeting. Big Ten Rentals set up this event at Northeast Iowa Community College. We set up two stages (16’x24’ and 8’x24’), Pipe & Drop and Stanchions for this event.

President Donald Trump visited community leaders in eastern Iowa in Dubuque, Iowa
President Donald Trump visited community leaders in eastern Iowa in Dubuque, Iowa

Political event setup for BNY Productions at Larsen Park in Sioux City, Iowa

Late night political event setup for our client BNY Productions all the way on the west side of the state of Iowa in Larsen Park in Sioux City, Iowa. It was a political event for Hillary Clinton with 16 pieces of stage (dual structure), 125 bike barricade, 8′ x 30″ tables, 80 chairs, 4-step stairs, adjustable stairs and other items.

Hillary Clinton political rally set up in Des Moines, IA at Pomerantz Gymnasium

Almost everything for this Hillary Clinton political rally in Des Moines was provided by Big Ten Rentals. As you can see below, we rent almost everything needed for an event. Including several styles of stools with hundreds in stock like the one that Hillary will sit on.

Event setup for Hillary Clinton political rally at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The call to us and the actual event setup process for the average political rally is often last minute. This one was no exception. Yet we were able to assemble almost this entire event and set it up on time at the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

See pictures from the event on

Political rally with President Bill Clinton at Cornell College: Mount Vernon, Iowa

Last minute and late night/early morning political event setup in Mount Vernon. Big Ten Rentals set up a dual structure stage with adjustable stairsbike barricade fencing, stanchions and more for a political rally with President Bill Clinton at Armstrong Hall at Cornell College for BNY Productions.

Political event setup for Hillary Clinton at Illiniwek Campground in Hampton, IL

Political events tend to always be a last minute setup. This one located in Hampton, IL (a little over an hour’s drive from Big Ten Rentals in Iowa City) was no exception. We were given just a little over 24 hours notice and delivered our 30′ x 10 row towable bleachers plus hundreds of “bike rack” barricade for crowd control for this Hillary Clinton political rally.

Last minute political event setup in Lincoln Nebraska

Lied Center for Performing Arts logoWe know what you are thinking…. “But wait, Big Ten Rentals is located in Iowa City, Iowa not Lincoln, Nebraska which is about 300+ miles West! It takes a special rental company to deliver multiple bleachers, bike barricades and black retractable stanchions for crowd control and pipe and drape for the backdrop.  We were able to mobilize, deliver and set up for this event starting at 1:30 PM on Thursday, March 3rd.

Images after setup:

During the political rally:

Increased event hall capacity by adding double glass door fire exits

What do you do when there are not enough emergency exits/fire exits for a large rally? Add more! Big Ten Rentals supplied two sets of double glass doors to increase the capacity of the U of I Field House by 500 people. Usually these doors are offered as an option on our clearspan tents. We had to get a little creative. The biggest challenge was not being allowed to bolt or screw into the facility. We utilized the bollards that were already in places and added several thousand pounds of concrete ballast.

Why the additional emergency exits were needed:

Large crowd of people indoors for a political rally at the U of I Field House
Large crowd of people indoors for a political rally at the U of I Field House

Iowa Political Rally setup with bleachers for the Iowa caucus

Pictures of our 7-row x 32 feet long granite bleacher system that seats 168 people with no aisle was great for this political rally in Iowa City. It was set up on a stage to make it elevated so the people could see better.

Our Granite Bleacher with a full crowd of people: