Total of twenty-two 20' x 30' rope and pole tents in a row!
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Event set-up for 2015 Fargo Air Show in North Dakota

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I know what you’re thinking… But Big Ten Rentals is based in Iowa City, Iowa and the Fargo Air Show is all the way in North Dakota! How could they not find another rental company that had enough tents to handle this event? When you see a total of twenty-two 20′ x 30′ Rope and Pole tents side by side and each one is capable of handling up to 60 people standing under it (600 square feet each), this is when you start realizing the volume of tents that we set up in North Dakota! But the job didn’t stop there! Two 20′ x 40′ rope and pole tents, 20′ x 20′ frame tents and several other smaller tents. Plus, we had about 5,000 black chairs and about 500 tables at this event as well.

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