Bleachers deliverery to Orlando, Florida from Iowa City, IA
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Bleacher Rental & Delivery in Orlando, Florida

Big Ten Rentals delivers two of our 45′ towable bleachers to Orlando, Florida all the way from Iowa City, Iowa, as we were the lowest cost option.

This was a last-minute event due to a more local rental company backing out of the contract last minute (possibly due to storms). We were able to mobilize our towable bleachers and deliver them to our client.

Driving to Florida from Iowa

We left our trucks and bleachers locally and flew back to Iowa. Once the event is over several weeks from now, two of our crew members will fly back and drive home with bleachers and trucks.

Brian and Tyler at a Waffle House
Brian (owner of Big Ten Rentals) and Tyler at a Waffle House

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