40' x 100' hybrid Jumbotrac with a million BTUs of heat on a consistently below zero day.
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Tent with heaters for Jumer’s New Years Party: Rock Island, IL

Jumers Casino & Hotel Rock Island ILIt was a cold day on New Years Eve in Illinois with temperatures dropping to 2°f. To keep up with the cold and wind, we needed our 400,000 BTU Oil/Diesel heater390,000 BTU Oil/Diesel heater, plus our 290,000 BTU Diesel heater pumping in hot air under our 40′ x 100′ Hybrid Tent10′ x 20′ Frame Tent used as an entrance/vestibule and other tents with Block and Roll 700 lb. & concrete 2′ x 2′ x 4′ bunker blocks dead weight ballast.

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