Temporary warehousing in Des Moines, Iowa. 30,500 sq ft of storage space
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Temporary Warehouse Structures in Des Moines, Iowa | 30,500 sq ft On-Site Tent

From February 4 to February 11 our crew erected four Tents totaling 30,500 ft.² in Des Moines to be used as temporary warehousing. Only one time in that week was the temperature greater than freezing. Most days with wind chill temps were in the single digits or negative. The total covered area was greater than half of the football field including the end zones and equal to more than 70% of an acre. Congratulations on a job well done Misael, CC, Bryce, Jose, Jorge, Owen, Javier & Luis!

Temporary Warehouse Structure Installed:

Setup of Temporary Warehouse Structures (tent):

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