Farming combine under 60' x 66' Losberger tent
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60′ x 66′ Losberger event space with 5-row bleachers and combines in Maquoketa, Iowa

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When the Roeder Brothers Inc. wanted to put on their Agco Gleaner clinic, guess who they called for not only advice for putting on this event, but also for setting up this large structure to house their large combines… Big Ten Rentals, of course. We partially erected a 60′ x 66′ (18m x 20m) Losberger structure, had them drive in the combines, and then finished the construction around and above them. It was quite an undertaking but something we’ve done several times before. Also under the tent was our 5-row bleacher, tables and chairs.

Pictures from setting up the event:

Pictures during the event:

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