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  • 8' x 16' stage with railing and stairs rental

    Rent a 8′ x 16′ stage with railings & stairs

    Big Ten Rentals supplies stages for events large and small all over the Midwest. We can create a custom made stage that is the right size to fit your venue/location. We will deliver and setup the stage for one fantastic low price. This stage was setup for as a marching band directors podium at eh…

  • Rent customizable choir risers with back railing in Iowa City, IA Illinois, Missouri + Wisconsin

    Rent customizable standing choir risers with back railing

    Big Ten Rentals will create a custom sized choir riser with a railing on the back from our high quality SECOA stages. Great for schools, churches and other venues. Let us know if you would like to add chairs to create a seated choir riser. We know staging, give one of our experts a call today for…

  • Concert stage with clearspan tent

    Rental of concert stage with clearspan tent

    Good for mid-sized stages and as you can see a few several thousand spectators in the crowd. This is customizable to fit the needs of each event. See our Losberger clearspan tent used at the Simon Estes Amphitheater in Des Moines, IA was a 30′ x 30′ tent.

  • Rent our portable seated band and choral riser system. Great for audiences as well.

    Seated band and choral riser rental

    Our seated riser system is mostly known for being used in school bands and show chorales. However A good choice for Presentations, Sporting Events and Parades. See our custom standing choral risers as well. Tell us what size stage you need. Standing band and choral risers Photographer & Press Riser Full list of stages available

  • 12' x 16' stage under tent.

    Small to Large Tent over stage

    Good for small- to mid-sized stages. This is an excellent and economical stage for smaller crowds. Stage height is limited to approximately two feet, with a small to a medium number of performers.

  • Stage Under Large Tent Rental

    Stage Under Large Tent Rental

    Our tent covered large stage protects audience, performers and equipment in inclement weather in the midwest. It provides better protection for electronic and sound system gear. Your event can now be advertised as “Rain or Shine”.

  • Rent our stage with covering for your next all weather event.

    Stage with Covering Rental

    Better for a larger number of performers & equipment at just about any venue. This “Stage with Covering” allows for increased stage height. This results in increased viewing for larger crowds and/or festivals. This system can be erected on more uneven terrain. Both the tent and stage will be level. So it’s great for even gentle…

  • Temporary & long term wheelchair ramp rental

    We understand that each stage and or event location needs a different setup of ramp(s). We have several configurations that is sure to fit the needs of your location. Call Big Ten Rentals today for a quote on a custom handicapped ramp that includes deliver, installation and teardown.  

  • Tiered stage rental with chairs

    Tiered stage seating platform rental

    15 layered tiered stage seating platform can be used with our without chairs. Big Ten Rentals supplies stages for events large and small all over the Midwest. We will deliver and setup the stage for one fantastic low price.

  • Triangular Event Stage Sections

    Big Ten Rentals offers high quality portable decking system that are top-locking for added conveyance of instillation. System comes with detachable and interchangeable legs to create a single or multiple height platform/stages for your next concert or event. Specifications for the: Stage 100 Portable Platform by SECOA, Inc.   Design requirements: Portable top walking platform system…

  • VIP & Public Speaking stage rental

    VIP & Public Speaking stage rental

    Appropriate for VIPs,  speakers and small commencement ceremonies. We also offer much larger stages for rent.

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