60′ x 90′ “Twin Pole” Legend Rope and Pole Tent Rental

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Our 60’ x 90’ “twin pole” Legend Rope and Pole tent with a vinyl top are perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptionscorporate events, reunions, or any large party. This beautiful tent with its four center poles and 5,400 square feet of space can be erected on grass, asphalt/pavement, or concrete. This tent is perfect for table-seated events with a guest list of 432-540 people.  Heating and/or air conditioning is possible for this tent depending on conditions. Dress up this tent with sidewalls in various styles and lighting.



Big Ten Rentals will anchor and completely set up this tent on-site for you. Please note that delivery is calculated separately.

Note: 10 (8′ x 30′) Sidewalls are required for 100% coverage on this size of a tent.

Cafe Light Layout for a 60' x 90' "Twin Pole" rope and pole tent
Cafe Light Layout for a 60′ x 90′ “Twin Pole” rope and pole tent
Diagram for 60' x 90' "Twin Pole" Rope and Pole tent
Diagram for 60′ x 90′ “Twin Pole” Rope and Pole tent

The wedding aerial photo of the tent was taken by Alee Photography.

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