Professional Karaoke Machine Rental

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Karaoke Machines Daily Price 3 Day Price
 JamCube portable Karaoke Vocal System. JamCube portable karaoke/vocal system $50 Call
 CDG Karaoke Player CDG Player with discs $100 Call
 karaoke-pro-3-disc-video-cd-player-icon Karaoke Pro $169 Call

We also have a wide range of Karaoke CD’s to choose from.

Which System is right for me?

Karaoke Machines Crowd Size TV/
Microphone Speakers CDG Music Libraries
 JamCube portable Karaoke Vocal System. Living room Not included 2 included Built in 1 set
 CDG Karaoke Player (depends on stereo) Not included 2 included NO 2 sets
 karaoke-pro-3-disc-video-cd-player-icon Large Included 2 included YES
(Commercial grade) 2,000 watts
2 sets