Commercial dunk tank rental in Iowa (water dunking booth carnival game) Iowa

Rent a commercial dunk tank carnival game (water dunking booth)

Our Dunk Tank is Towable & Easy to Setup!

Towable Dunk Tank for ease of transportation
Towable Dunk Tank for ease of transportation

This is a popular and traditional crowd-pleaser! Your guests try to dunk some unlucky person in the water when they hit the target. It takes aim and nerve to dunk the victim.

Also used as a polar plunge when its cold outside and for fund raising purposes. Because who wouldn’t want to pay money to dunk someone.

Cost to rent our Dunk Tank

$175/ day  Reserve this Item

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  • 350 GALLONS
  • 2″ hitch ball to tow behind vehicle.
  • Customer may pick up if they can tow.
  • Listed at a 250lb. weight limit
  • Comes with (3) Soft balls
  • BTR can deliver at additional cost.  Customer will still be responsible for filling dunk tank.
  • Should have a 15′ x 30′ area
  • Built in trailer for easy Transportation.  Does NOT come off the trailer. The trailer is part of the game (seat when set up).
  • Dunk Tank Fill Time: ~1 hour depending on water pressure.
  • Wide, safe steps
  • Automatic trigger sets first time, every time
  • Strong aluminum cage
  • Removable target
  • 2-piece backstop tarp MUST be removed during transport.
  • Towing weight 527 lbs. (water adds additional 2,920 lbs.)

Dunk Tank Setup Guide:


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