Inflatables & Bounce Houses for rent in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Bounce Houses, Slides, Games, Mazes & Obstacle Courses


We offer a variety of entertainment for gatherings and parties, with a wide selection of inflatable games (with or without delivery service) that are great for team building, carnival games, a synthetic ice rink, and many other games for young and old. See some of the past events that had our inflatable.

As one of the largest suppliers in Iowa, we provide entertainment and equipment for backyard parties, graduations, festivals, corporate events, weddings, and reunions. All inflatables which are rented overnight, without an operator, must be returned no later than store opening the following day.

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Inflatable Slides Daily Price 3 Day Price
Double Lane Racer 24 foot tall double lane racer (includes one operator at your location) $1000/ 4 hours Call
Inflatable Giant Slide Giant Slide (includes one operator at your location) $1000/ 4 hours Call
Shark scape inflatable slide water
Shark Escape Slide
$400 Call
Big Ten’s inflatable slide for rent in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Washington, IA. Big Ten Slide $195 Call
Slip'n Slide commercial inflatable water
Slip & Slide, Double Lane with Pool
$400 Call
Inflatable Games, Mazes & Obstacle Courses Daily Price 3 Day Price
Inflatable hockey game. Hose Hockey $195 Call
Bungee run challenge inflatable game. Bungee Challenge $500/ 4 hours Call
King of the hill 4-way jousting inflatable game. Four Person Jousting “King of the Hill” game. $500/ 4 hours Call
Gladiator Jousting challenge Gladiator Jousting $500/ 4 hours Call
Twister bounce house. Giant Inflatable Twister $300/ 4 hours Call
Knock Off Your Head inflatable game Medieval Joust: “Off With Your Head” $300 Call
Inflatable Bungee Run challenge Bungee Run $500/ 4 hours Call
Rent the "Bouncy Boxing" bounce house. Bouncy Boxing $500/ 4 hours Call
Inflatable obstacle course 60′ Obstacle Course $800/ 4 hours Call
Original inflatable obstacle course slide area 40′ Obstacle Course $800/ 4 hours Call
Circus train kiddie crawl-through obstacle course rental Iowa new-item
Circus train kiddie (Crawl-Through) obstacle course
$375 Call
Ball pit with step in area for young kids and toddlers Toddler sized Ball Pond (ball pit) $50/ 4 hours Call
Rockem Sockem inflatable game Rockem-Sockem $600/ 4 hours Call

Carnival Games

Water friendly equipment. This equipment can be wet/used with water.