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1 Brian DeCoster: Owner of Big Ten Rental in Iowa

Owner of Big Ten Rentals: Brian DeCoster

Brian DeCoster the owner of Big Ten Rentals in Iowa City
Owner of Big Ten Rentals: Brian DeCoster

About Brian DeCoster: Brian initially ran his small company renting compact refrigerators out of his own dorm room when attending the University of Iowa, back in 1981. However Big Ten Rentals quickly grew into a full time business and he was forced to moved to a commercial location in 1986. It has since changed locations and is now in a larger “showroom” location  on Boyrum Street. Big Ten Rentals also has two storage locations  that house our extensive supply of party equipment/tents in Cosgrove, IA, and Davenport,IAThe Gazette recently wrote an article about his booming bleacher rentals.

Magic Bus iowa tailgating club logo

In 1991 Brian’s Magic Bus took it’s maiden voyage. Since then it has been rated the number 1 tailgate party (as rated by Sports Illustrated Apr. 28 1997 issue). He has a long lineage of throwing top-ranked parties.

Brian isn’t all fun and games. He is the owner of multiple companies with multiple locations in the state of Iowa.

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