Car Top + Auto Rooftop Cargo Carrier Rental

Rent our auto rooftop cargo carrier.
Rent our auto rooftop cargo carrier.

Car-top or “auto rooftop cargo carriers” is often the most cost effective solution when going on vacation. Nothing like strapping on extra storage  to your vehicle.  You can rent an enclosed trailer for those bigger jobs, but when you just can’t fit it all in your car, SUV or mini van this often becomes the perfect solution.

We also rent a hitch mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier that is a little bit easier to access then on top of the roof.

Now you can either buy it or rent it at a fraction of the cost at Big Ten Rentals. Odds are, if you purchased it, it would sit in your garage unused taking up room most of the year.

Rent our Rooftop Cargo Carrier:

$15/ day   Reserve this Item