Spot Radiant Heater

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The HotZone™ Portable Electric Radiant Heater is intended for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spot heat uses. The highly efficient 1500W, 120V heater with the patented IRLens™ raises the temperature of people or objects in a 14 square foot area, 8 feet from the heater, by 15 degrees or more. The Portable Electric Radiant Heater is a free-standing heater that comes with a safety tip switch and a cord that plugs into a normal wall outlet. Operating costs are 15 cents/hour when electric power costs 10 cents/KWh.


Warning: Keep combustibles 48″ from the heater face and 9″ from the top of the heater; do not operate directly above flammable material. Not intended for use in wet or damp conditions. Do not leave unattended. Unplug when not in use.

  • Deliver focused radiant heat to a spot.
  • Deliver heat from a distance.
  • Have extremely low operating costs.
  • Are silent and attractive.
  • Glow an attractive cherry red.
  • Are compact and lightweight.
  • Available in aluminum (uncoated), black, white, and special order colors.
  • A broad range of styles and sizes is available.
  • Have long element life expectancies.
  • Are made in the U.S.A.