Chest Freezers, Refrigerators & Commercial Mobile Refrigeration Rental

We offer a wide variety of appliances to suit your needs. These are a perfect option if you need additional refrigeration for a wedding, festival, or other special event.

Big Ten Rentals has Mobile Commercial Refrigeration, including Walk-in Coolers and Freezers (see below).

We also sell used appliances. Call us at 319-337-7368 for more information.

Chest Freezers Daily Price Week Price
10-cubic-feet-chest-freeze-rental 10 cubic foot, chest style, deep freezer rental $59.99 $79.99
15-cubic-feet-chest-freeze-rental 15 cubic foot, chest style, deep freezer rental $59.99 $79.99
Commercial Mobile Freezer Daily Price 3 Day
16ft-commercial-mobile-freezer-icon 17′ Trailerable Commercial Walk-in Freezer $499 $699
Refrigerators Daily Price Week Price
compact-refrigerator-icon Mini/Compact Refrigerator $14 $24
Commercial Refrigerator/Walk-In Cooler Daily Price 3 Day
commercial-mobile-refrigerator-icon 19′ Towable Commercial Walk-in Cooler $399 $599
Beer Dispensing Equipment Daily Price 3 Day
Rent our refrigerated beer trailer. It accommodates up to 30 kegs and 6 different beer taps. 6 tap, 30 Keg, Refrigerated Beer Trailer with Tandem Axle $350 $459