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Pop-up and Canopy Tents

Setting up a small event can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can save money by doing some simple things yourself, like setting up a tent. Our pop-up and canopy tents are a great option for small events. They’re easy to set up and take down and they’re very affordable.

A light-duty tent, generally available only as an “over-the-counter” rental for backyard parties and small events. Canopies are an easy-to-install favorite for the do-it-yourself person. Typically used for short durations, canopies will shield from sun & light rain. Canopies are only available for a maximum of 3-day rental – not designed for long-term installation. Sidewalls are an available option.

Compatible Sidewalls


Are you looking for a low-cost and beautiful event tent? Look no further than a rope and pole tent! Our tents are perfect for all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate functions. Rope and Pole Tents use one or more center poles to support the tent. Guy ropes and stakes provide stability. Information about sidewalls will be here in the future.

Compatible Sidewalls

20′ Wide Rope and Pole Tents

30′ Wide Rope and Pole Tents

40′ Wide Rope and Pole Tents

60′ Wide Rope and Pole Tents

80′ Wide Rope and Pole Tents


First, we assemble an aluminum frame. Then stretch the fabric over the sturdy frame before lifting it up and installing the legs. These tents offer more versatility from staking. Water barrels or concrete weights may be substituted for staking where drilling is not an option. Additionally, frame tents can be erected with a smaller footprint, since guy ropes are not required. This is advantageous when erecting against a house or garage. Frame tents do not have center poles, allowing for unobstructed planning.

Compatible Sidewalls

10′ Frame Tents

15′ Frame Tents

20′ Frame Tents

30′ Frame Tents

Hybrid Event Tents

If you’re looking for a temporary event structure that can accommodate a large number of people, then a Jumbotrac is the perfect solution. Jumbotracs provide ample space for both seating and standing with no poles in the middle of the tent. If you’re looking for a temporary event structure that can accommodate a large number of people, then a Jumbotrac is the perfect solution.

Compatible Sidewalls

40′ Hybrid Tents

Clearspan Event Structure

A clearspan tent is the newest generation of tent or structure. These structures feature an assembled framework of box beam (or I-beam) arches that support the fabric roof and define the shape of the structure, in much the same way as a pipe frame-supported tent. The stronger construction of the aluminum or steel box-beam frame makes these structures suitable for larger or longer-term applications than other types of tents. The box-beam framework also allows for large areas of unobstructed “clear span” space beneath the fabric roof.

Compatible Sidewalls
  • Able to withstand extreme weather
  • Some types of clearspans may withstand heavy snowfall.
  • Side wall slides on a track and are closed to weather.
  • Easiest to heat or A/C.
  • Framework allows for unobstructed space.

9m (30′) Wide Clearspan Tents by Losberger

12m (40′) Wide Clearspan Tents by Losberger