About our Beer Coil Systems

Picture of our double coil system. On demand cold beer from two taps using zero electricity.
Picture of our double coil system. On demand cold beer from two taps using zero electricity.
Single coil beer cooler.
Single coil beer cooler leave enough room for other canned beverages on the other side.
  • With a coil box, be sure to run beer through it prior to putting the ice in the cooler. If there is any water or moisture in the coils, it could freeze up and block the beer from coming out the faucet. If this type of blockage happens, remove all the ice and thaw out the coils, start the beer flowing, then reload the ice.
  • Coil Systems are good for functions where electricity is not available or it’s not convenient or cost effective to have an electrically operated keg cooler available (picnics, receptions, etc).
  • A 120’ coil box is for high volume applications, where the beer may need to be flowing almost continuously. All coil boxes offered by Big Ten Rentals are the more desireable 120’ style.
  • With any coil system, the cooler needs to be filled with ice at all times. Be careful that the ice doesn’t create a bridge at the top, leaving an open air pocket underneath. This exposes the coil or cold plate to open air and will make the beer warm and foamy.
  • Always keep the coils covered with ice. The water must, however, be allowed to drain at all times.  Plugging the drain hole may result in foam.
  • Big Ten Rentals gauge is preset @ 25lbs.  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE IT.
  • You must keep the keg on ice.  If the keg rises above 50 degrees the coil will not be able to keep up, and will result in foamy beer.
  • CO2 Gas leaking? Please note that there is a plastic gasket required between the gauge and CO2 tank.  It is usually red or white.  Since it is easy to lose prior to set up, please note that we usually have a spare on a clip hanging inside the cooler, near the back fitting.

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