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1 Mobile Refrigerated Trailer Rental for Event + Emergency Iowa
Inside towable/trailer walk-in freezer in the storage area.

Towable/Mobile Event + Emergency Refrigeration Systems

Zero Reffer Fees - NO Hourly Fee

We deliver refrigeration units in IowaIllinoisWisconsinMissouri and farther for a delivery charge or simply pick it up for your next event.

Commercial Towable Freezer Daily Price 3 Day Price
 16' Trailerable commercial walk-in freezer 17′ Trailerable Commercial Walk-in Freezer $499 $699
Commercial Towable Refrigerator/Walk-in Cooler Daily Price 3 Day Price
 18' Trailerable commercial walk-in cooler/refrigerator. 19′ Trailerable Commercial Walk-in Cooler $399 $599
Beer Dispensing Equipment Daily Price 3 Day Price
 Rent our refrigerated beer trailer. It accommodates up to 30 kegs and 6 different beer taps. 6 Tap Refrigerated Beer Trailer, Tandem Axle $300 $399

Quote on a Mobile Refrigeration System