Four person Tug Of War-King of the hill joust challenge rental Iowa city cedar rapids quad cities

Four person Tug Of War/Joust Challenge inflatable game rental

This is an incredible fun four person Tug Of War or King of the hill joust challenge. Its a fun inflatable game for young adults and up! 2-way, 3-way and 4 person competition of either tug of war or jousting. See some of the past events with inflatables and team building equipment & events.

 Four-way Tug Of War challenge

Be the last one standing in this four-way tug of war. Each participant stands on a pedestal, places one arm behind their back and attempts to pull off the other three onto the inflated surrounding. Doing all of this while keeping your balance is harder than it looks.

Four-way Jousting challenge:

You can also add 4 Jousting Pugil Sticks for an extra $100 to turn this game into an exciting 4-way joust!

Cost to rent 4-way Tug Of War/King of the hill joust challenge:

$500/ 4 hours
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